Total Home Kit

*The Total Home Kit is exclusively sold on our website.

One 64 ounce bottle:Now, you can refill any size Zero Odor® bottle with this great 64 oz. 2 bottle refill kit. You'll always have plenty of Zero Odor® to help eliminate home, pet and car odors.

One 22 ounce bottle:These are our full-size bottles with special spray nozzles. The nozzles have been designed to enhance Zero Odor®'s ability to penetrate deep into fabrics and carpeting to remove even the most difficult pet odors and pet stains. This bottle can also be sprayed directly into the air to eliminate pet odor from any room.

Depending on the size of your pets, a 22 ounce bottle of Zero Odor® should last several months.

One 2 ounce bottle: These work just like our 8 ounce bottles but are even more conveniently sized. Many people find that it's a good idea to keep a 2 ounce bottle in the glove compartment of their cars. These bottles are also small enough to carry in a purse or suitcase. That way, they're always available in case of a pet emergency.