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Cat Odor Eliminator Kit

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    • The Cat Odor Eliminator Kit is a great solution for tackling odors that come along with being a cat owner. Within the kit, you will find our Pet Odor Eliminator spray which removes lingering pet odors from carpets, upholstery, and more. The Litter Spray & Odor Eliminator focuses on eradicating the source of cat urine and feces odors from soiled litter boxes. Lastly, the Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator bottles are great for keeping your bathroom, kitchen, car, or RV odor-free. 
    • These products do not mask odors with fragrances or perfumes. Odor molecules are completely and permanently converted into non-odor molecules.  
    • Zero Odor® products are non-toxicnon-allergenic, cruelty-free and biodegradable.
    • Proudly made in the USA.
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    • To learn about our Pet Odor Eliminator's product instructions and ingredients click here
    • To learn about our Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator's product instructions and ingredients click here.
    • To learn about our Litter Spray & Odor Eliminator's product instructions and ingredients click here.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 50 reviews
      I always come back to Zero Odor

      Over the many years I've used Zero Odor, I admit to succumbing to the temptation to try more "bargain-priced" products from time to time. I always come back to Zero Odor, because it is the product that does what it says it does. Nothing else has ever come close.

      Does what it says

      I have a diabetic cat who has trouble walking. Sometimes he pees on the rug if he can't make it to his litter box. Poor thing! I don't mind, but after clean-up, Zero odor is a big help.


      So awesome! This stuff really works. I have 4 cats which leads to very stinking litter boxes very quickly.


      This stuff is amazing. I don’t really have to use the litter spray, but the air spray works wonders for many different types of odors. Great product.

      Really does take away odor!

      Zero odor has changed the game on litter maintenance. I no longer have to deal with litter odor even if I don’t change the litter weekly. There is literally no odor coming from the litter boxes, and the cats, who are very finicky about smells, including their own, are not turned off.