Zero Odor® Pet Stain Remover and Molecular Odor Eliminator, 16-ounces

  • Remove organic Pet Stains and Odors caused by Urine, Feces, Vomit, and Blood
  • Zero Odor® Does not Mask or Cover Up Odors with Fragrances or Perfumes
  • It Permanently Eliminates All Existing Odor. And Fresh-ens to Prevent Odor Build up
  • Spray in the air and on surfaces in any room. Leaves No Scent Behind
  • Made in the USA. It is Non-toxic, Non-allergenic, Biodegradable. Safe around pets.

Eliminate Pet Stains & Odor with Zero Odor® Pet Stain Remover. Its patented formula reaches into fabrics to lift and remove organic pet stains. And eliminate odor at the same time.

It’s not a cover-up, fragrance or enzyme. Spray Zero Odor® Pet Stain Remover on any pet stain in your home. It will remove and eliminate the stain and odor. The stain is gone. The odor is gone and will never return.

Zero Odor® Pet Stain Remover is formulated to leave no scent or fragrance behind only clean, crisp, fresh smelling air. There is a slight tracer scent in the product to help consumers know where they have sprayed. The tracer scent disappears after a minute or two.

The Zero Odor® family of products are available for Household, Pet and Laundry, each sold separately. Zero Odor® is Made in the USA. It is Non-toxic, Non-allergenic, Biodegradable and Safe around pets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Worked great on dog diarrhea

Doggie diarrhea all over the house -- floors, carpets, you name it. This product even got the stains out of a beige area rug. I am highly allergic to fragrances, so that fact that this is an unscented product is terrific.

Best product fr pet issues

I’ve used this product for years. It works.

Really works ...used it for cat urine!!

Best stuff for stink!!!

Five stars

This product is always a little pricey but it works wonderful so its well worth it!

Smells like vinegar

Didnt seem to work like my original product i purchased yrs sgo. This one smells like vinegar! “Dont fix it if it aint broke!”