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    Pet Kits (Zero Odor Direct)

    ZERO ODOR PET products have been proven to be extremely effective at eliminating the toughest pet odors and pet stains.  Our products employ breakthrough, patented technology to permanently eliminate pet odor by bonding with odor molecules and turning them into non-odor molecules.  

    ZERO ODOR PET was created to eliminate your worst pet odors – smelly pet beds, litter box odor, pet accident odors and stains, pet odor in the air around your house or in your car, even pet odor in towels and blankets (ZERO ODOR LAUNDRY is helpful for this as well).  It’s the reason why ZERO ODOR PET is named in a major veterinary school textbook for use on clinic clean-up and odor elimination.  

    Of course, ZERO ODOR PET products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and appropriate for use around people and pets.