Zero Odor® Pro Multi-Purpose Commercial Odor Eliminator, Trigger Spray, 32-Ounce

  • Use Zero Odor® Pro to tackle the worst odor issues you encounter in a commercial environment
  • Zero Odor® Pro Does not Mask or Cover Up Odors with Fragrances or Perfumes
  • It Permanently Eliminates All Existing Odor. And Freshens to Prevent Odor Build up
  • Spray in the air and on surfaces in any room. Leaves No Scent Behind
  • Made in the USA. It is Non-toxic, Non-allergenic and Biodegradable. Commercial Strength

Use Zero Odor® PRO to eliminate the worst odors you encounter in Office Building Maintenance, Hotel/Hospitality Room and Facility Management, Transportation Vehicle Cleaning etc.

Zero Odor® PRO permanently eliminates terrible odors such as Urine/Bathroom odors, Fire, Cigarette and Cigar Smoke, Musty/Mildew odor, Vomit and Sick Guest odor, Sewer Backup, Pet Accidents, Garbage odor, Water Damage odor…even Skunk Spray. After using Zero Odor® PRO, you’ll be smelling clean, crisp, fresh air.

Instructions: Spray Zero Odor® PRO 6 to 8 times in the air or on any hard or soft surface. If the odor is deeply embedded, additional applications may be necessary. On fabrics and carpet, pre-test for color fastness and water staining. Not to be applied directly on people or pets.

Zero Odor® PRO is a new technology platform in odor control for your commercial needs. When you spray Zero Odor® PRO in the air or on a surface, it seeks out and bonds with the odor molecules. And turns them into non-odor molecules, instead of masking them with fragrances or perfumes. The bonding process happens very quickly and it’s irreversible. So any odor that Zero Odor® PRO touches is gone forever and will never return.

Zero Odor® PRO is formulated to leave no scent or fragrance behind only clean, crisp, fresh smelling air. There is a slight tracer scent in the product to help consumers know where they have sprayed. The tracer scent disappears after a minute or two.

The Zero Odor® family of products are available for Commercial, Household, Pet and Laundry, each sold separately. Zero Odor® is Made in the USA. It is Non-toxic, Non-allergenic and Biodegradable.