Cat Odor Eliminator Kit

One 16 ounce bottle of Zero Odor® Pet: Zero Odor® Pet is not a cover-up, a fragrance or an enzyme. It's a patented formula that eliminates pet odors on a molecular level. It actually turns odor molecules into non-odor molecules, so pet odors depart forever. Yet it's non-toxic and biodegradable, so you can feel good using it around your pets.

One 16 ounce bottle of Zero Odor® Litter Spray: Zero Odor® Litter Spray permanently eliminates the smell of Cat Urine and Feces. Its patented formula permanently eliminates the odor. It’s not a cover-up, fragrance or enzyme.

When you spray Zero Odor® Litter Spray in your Litter Box, it bonds with the odor molecules, and stops them from producing anymore odor. So, any odor that Zero Odor® Litter Spray touches is gone forever and will never return.

Two 4 ounce bottles: These work just like our 8 ounce bottles but are even more conveniently sized. Many people find that it's a good idea to keep a 4 ounce bottle in the glove compartment of their cars. These bottles are also small enough to carry in a purse or suitcase. That way, they're always available in case of a pet emergency.


Customer Reviews

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This stuff is amazing. I don’t really have to use the litter spray, but the air spray works wonders for many different types of odors. Great product.

Really does take away odor!

Zero odor has changed the game on litter maintenance. I no longer have to deal with litter odor even if I don’t change the litter weekly. There is literally no odor coming from the litter boxes, and the cats, who are very finicky about smells, including their own, are not turned off.

This product is great - Saved items!

I had a kitty who had kidney failure and had some occasional accidents. This product saved me and some things - works very well and I highly recommend it!

Zero Odor really works

Zero Odor is the only effective cast urine odor remover


This stuff really works. I've been using it for years. I use it in the litter box, and around any area I need to get rid of odors.