Household Kit

Household Kit

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  • Permanent: Zero Odor® doesn't mask smells, but eliminates odors permanently
  • Safe: All ingredients are non-toxic and biodegradable so it's safe for people, pets, and the planet
  • All Odors: Eliminates tough odors like trash, diaper pails, workout gear, bathroom smells, and smoke
  • Any Surface: Zero Odor® is safe on all surfaces: carpets, fabrics, counters, wood, leather, and more
  • How to Use: Spray directly on the source of the odor until fully covered. Repeat as needed

Achieve Complete Odor Annihilation. What is that smell? It doesn't matter – Zero Odor® can handle it. Stinky garbage? Covered. Bathroom smells? Gone. Regardless of the smell, Zero Odor® Multipurpose Spray makes it disappear, permanently.

Multiple sizes to cover all household odor needs. Use the 22 oz bottle for all of your general household needs and store the smaller bottles in areas you'd like to have a bottle on hand, but out of sight. Keep an 8 oz. bottle under your bathroom sink for all bathroom odor needs and a 4 oz. bottle in your car or purse for odor removal on the go.

What is Zero Odor®? Zero Odor® is not an air freshener, cover-up, or enzyme-based cleaner. It’s an entirely unique technology that uses organic chemistry to permanently eliminate odors quickly, completely, and more responsibly than any other product on the market. Zero Odor® physically changes odor molecules to render them odorless—no odor molecules, no odor. Zero Odor®'s patented technology seeks out and bonds with odor molecules and turns them into non-odor molecules, instead of masking them with fragrances or perfumes. The bonding process happens quickly and is irreversible, so your pesky odor problems will be eliminated for good. Life with Zero Odor® means NO odor.