• Turns odors off, permanently.
  • No cover-ups.
  • No added fragrances.
  • With Zero Odor®, there is no odor.

For the world’s most discerning noses, in life’s toughest moments: Zero Odor® delivers.

Zero Odor® is not an air freshener, cover-up, or an enzyme-based cleaner. It’s an entirely unique technology using organic chemistry to permanently eliminate odors faster, more completely, and more responsibly than any other product on the market.

When you do your job well,
there’s nothing to hide.

We believe less is more. While the other guys keep adding more—more fragrances, more chemicals, more product needed to mask stubborn smells—we set out to develop a solution that works more effectively. One that doesn’t  trick our noses by temporarily covering odors up or by partially dissolving them over time, but that actually removes odors quickly, completely, and permanently—like they never happened in the first place.

Zero Odor® physically changes odor molecules to become odorless—no odor molecules, no odor.

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No Cover-Ups

Zero Odor® bonds on contact with odor molecules, removing the offending smell entirely with no need for added fragrances.


The molecular bond created by Zero Odor® permanently and irreversibly eliminates odor-causing molecules, so odors won’t come back later.


100% Worry-free— All Zero Odor® ingredients are safe for people, pets, and the planet: non-toxic, biodegradable, and VOC-free.

I've been using Zero odor for years primarily for pet accidents, but it also works for drink spill spots on carpets and upholstery. I've tried many different products but always com back to zero odor for both stain and and odor.

Melissa | Tacoma, WA | 5 Stars

I bought this because we have dogs and I thought this would be best to help with the dog odors with their blankets and sheets. A does seem to have worked and my washing machine isn't so musty. (Then again I always leave my washer open after each use for 48 hours).

MamaBird | Columbus, OH | 4 Stars

I have a cat that refuses to use the litter box. I pulled back the carpet and sprayed underneath as well as on top. Literally within a few minutes the odor that would burn my throat was completely gone.

Tammy | Hanover Township, PA | 5 Stars

I have a cat whom I adore but he is a sprayer. There are a number of products for this problem but Zero Odor is the best. No weird after scent and it really does eliminate odor.

Frankie | Ashland, OR | 5 Stars

Did the trick in removing pet odor. Worked better than the “Miracle” cleaner!

Dekemo | Cordillera, CO | 5 Stars

Best nonenal odor eliminator I have found so far. Will purchase again.

Cindy | Colorado, USA | 4 Stars

The best spray we have found that really works and does not replace one bad smell with another. We have a cat that has multiple issues that all result in some pretty nasty smells. This is the go to product.

Antsypants | NYC, NY | 4 Stars

This has taken out the smell of a bonfire from my son's jacket and that is almost
impossible to do. I have recommended this to family and friends. A very impressive
product. Will definitely buy again.

Christy H. | St. Pete , FL | 5 Stars

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