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    Danielle R.Because I have a 10 month-old daughter, my husband and I were very interested in finding something that would help the smell in her room. We have a diaper pail but it's not really doing its job at the moment. I've started using Zero Odor and it has gotten rid of the smell around her diaper pail.
    Danielle R.


    The best application I can think of for this is the smelly sneakers left in the hot car. I will keep a bottle of this in the car, just in case that happens, 'cause it seems to happen frequently.
    — Kristen D.

    The name is Zero Odor, and it does eliminate odor because when you spray it in the air or on clothes or anything, you do not get any other odor. You're just getting nothing. It just takes away the odors. I mean, it's amazing.
    — Vincent P.

    I used it in several areas of the house including the bathroom, the sneakers, in the basement. It completely took the odors away.
    — Dawn P.

    Other products either leave a flowery smell or a lemony smell or something antiseptic smelling that lingers in the air afterwards, and this didn't. This took the sneaker odor away and completely disappeared.
    — Julie H.

    I definitely think it's ground-breaking. I've never seen a product like it before. I've used many products over the last fifteen, twenty years in my home and never had anything like it. I really, really think it's a great product.
    — Kathryn C.

    I sprayed it in my basement. You know basements have that disgusting smell. So I sprayed it down there, and the next time I went down to the basement, it didn't smell like anything. It smelled like a room.
    — Maureen D.

    I took the spray out and used it on my curtains in my living room, my drapes, the bathroom downstairs that just has a vent, the basement where I do my laundry. This worked very well. I'll carry this in a holster on my side if I have to.
    — Darlene G.

    I'm a catcher in a softball league and I wear the pads and the catcher's mask. You get sweaty and the smell is, you know, builds up after a while. You can't put those in the washing machine. I just spritz Zero Odor right on the pads and it neutralizes the odor.
    — Jody M.

    I have a new dog about a year old. It was raining and he came in with that damp smell. I sprayed Zero Odor and it took the smell right away. It doesn't cover the existing odor -- it just takes it right out. It was fantastic.
    — Theressa G.

    I have a one hundred pound black lab. He rolls around in the dirt and he really smells when he comes in. Then he lays down in his bed -- which is in the family room. I spray Zero odor directly on the bed. And the odor is gone. I don't even need to wash the dog bed as much any more since I've been spraying it with Zero Odor.
    — Janet B

    I have 4 dogs right now (we're down to 6 cats). One of the dogs sleeps in the laundry room and wets in there all the time. As soon as I got Zero Odor I started spraying it right there on her bed in the laundry room. And it just worked. I couldn't believe it. I also have a puppy who peed on the rug and it took the smell right out.
    — Susan C.

    My three dogs all sleep and drool on this carpet, it's a smelly article. My family hates it. And with the dog odor on it, I usually just throw it out. But after spraying Zero Odor, I can smell a difference - there's no dog left. Zero.
    — Jay F.

    On my way home from work I drove through an area with an intense skunk odor. My car was contaminated. When I arrived home I immediately sprayed inside the car with Zero Odor and closed the doors. A short while later the skunk odor was completely gone.
    — James P.

    With 5 cats, there's an odor problem. Especially when company comes over. I don't want people to walk in my house and think -- "oh, she has 5 cats." I spray Zero Odor and I really don't have to worry about that now. One of my cats had a problem going outside the box. Since I started using Zero Odor, it eliminates the odor to the point where she goes right back into the box. — Debbie F.

    My cat Mia is 11 years old. And for those 11 years she has always gone outside the box. Since using Zero Odor spray, after about 2 weeks she has completely stopped. Completely stopped. She goes inside the box and we no longer have messes to clean up. It's great. The fact that Mia doesn't go outside the box is certainly the biggest testimony to the odor elimination. When you spray Zero Odor on litter it eliminates the odor completely. There is no odor left.  — James M.

    The litter box is in the bathroom. The living room is right next door and you can smell it right after the cats do their business. Now we don't have to worry about friends coming over and smelling that smell as soon as they walk into the house. You spray with Zero Odor and you're all done.
    — Taylor P.

    Before we started using Zero Odor you could definitely tell we had more than one cat. You wanted to close the bathroom door or leave the house. Once we started using the spray it just totally eliminated the smell. You don't know you have cats anymore.
    — Karli P.

    I don't always change the litter as much as I should. I thought it would be a great idea to try Zero Odor. I was amazed at how wonderful it was and how there was an immediate effect. It took the odor away completely. For the last 3 weeks I've been using it faithfully and I've been thrilled with it.
    — Ginger W.

    I was the critic and the skeptic all wrapped in one. I said, "we'll prove this product wrong right from the get-go because it's not going to work." And lo and behold, I was shocked. As skeptical as I was, I was extremely shocked because Zero Odor literally killed any odor we had for 2 cat boxes.
    — Steve W.

    Since I've started using Zero Odor you wouldn't know I have 3 cats any more. There is no odor. Also, where my female cat used to be nervous and "go" near the edge of the box, she's now perfectly centered and seems happier with the litter box.
    — Barbara G