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7 Ways to Get Your Cat to Like Using the Litter Box

January 22, 2019

7 Ways to Get Your Cat to Like Using the Litter Box

Sometimes, getting your cat to even use his litter box is a challenge. So, how do you get him to actually like doing it? See our seven tips.

By: Rita Reimers

My Maine Coon, Abby, loved her litter box. One of the craziest things she used to do was roll around in the freshly changed litter boxes immediately after I finished cleaning and refilling them. She had a blast claiming the virgin litter as her own personal sandbox to play in.

I have since met one other cat in my practice who does the same thing. I don’t know that every cat will love his litter box quite that much, but here are some ways to ensure he loves it enough to use it regularly.

7. Clean Your Litter Box Often

Scooping your litter boxes often will encourage your cat to use them, as will sanitizing them regularly. I scoop my boxes at least twice a day, sometimes more often if I’m working from home on a given day. At least once a month, empty the boxes and wash them with hot water and an enzyme-killing product, such as Nature’s Miracle or Zero Odor®. Once the boxes are completely dry, refill them with fresh, clean litter. Also inspect your litter boxes for cracks and deep scratches that can hold in the odor, and replace them as needed. Some boxes hold up longer, but it’s usually a good idea to replace them yearly. As a result, your house will smell fresh and clean, too.

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