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    How Zero Odor Works

    See how fast Zero Odor goes to work In this segment from THE DAILY BUZZ, Zero Odor co-founder Jim Huffstetler shows host Andrea Jackson just how fast and thoroughly Zero Odor does its job.


    Zero Odor's amazing molecular chemistry

    Zero Odor seeks out and bonds with odor molecules of just about every kind, changing them into molecules that can no longer cause odor. Immediately after spraying, Zero Odor leaves behind a "Tracer Scent" that helps you know where Zero Odor has been sprayed. A short time after Zero Odor is sprayed the Tracer Scent will disappear.

    Independent laboratory studies prove that Zero Odor completely eliminates odor.

    The scientific instrument that most accurately measures odors is the Gas Chromatograph. When the odor from soiled cat litter is entered into the Chromatograph it registers at levels that are highly offensive to humans and 100 times more powerful to cats. When a sample of soiled litter was sprayed with Zero Odor, the Gas Chromatograph levels fell to "0" on all odor measurements. When odors from such things as garlic, onions, smoke, garbage and soiled diapers were sprayed with Zero Odor, the Gas Chromatograph also showed results of "0".

    Perhaps the ultimate proof of Zero Odor's power is this fact: Chromatograph odor measurements fell to "0" when Zero Odor was sprayed on samples of skunk odor.

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