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    Household Kits (Zero Odor Direct)

    ZERO ODOR utilizes patented, breakthrough technology to permanently eliminate your worst odor issues in the air, on surfaces, and now even in laundry articles – pet odor (pet beds and litter boxes), smoke odor, kitchen and garbage odor, bathrooms, shoes and athletic equipment, smelly laundry articles and so on.  

    ZERO ODOR works on the molecular level by seeking out and bonding with odor molecules, turning them into non-odor molecules, permanently.  ZERO ODOR doesn't just temporarily mask odor with fragrances or perfumes. Our molecular bonding process happens very quickly and is irreversible. So, any odor that Zero Odor touches is gone forever and will never return, leaving no scent behind.

    Zero Odor is non toxic, environmentally friendly, and appropriate for use around people and pets.