The Right Way to Clean Your Workout Clothes

January 21, 2019

The Right Way to Clean Your Workout Clothes

You probably don't know it yet.

By: Jolie Kerr

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I wash my workout clothes right after use, but some of the moisture-wicking shirts that I have still smell, especially in the armpit areas, even after washing. A second washing doesn't make it go away, either! How can I get the odor out? Thanks!

And a Few Best Practices on Laundering Workout Gear

When we get into Laundry School this September, I'll get into more specifics about the laundering of gym gear. But since we're here and I'm hellbent and determined to save the world from gym clothes laundering mistakes, here are the best practices when it comes to washing our athletic gear:

3. Add an odor-eliminating product to the mix.White vinegar is my go-to odor-eliminating product for use in addition to regular detergent. For regular loads, a quarter or a half cup of white vinegar, added either at the start of the wash or during the rinse cycle, will kill odor-causing bacteria and keep workout gear smelling fresh. Increase the amount to a full cup of the stuff when you need to reverse a smell problem that's already developed. If you hate the smell of vinegar, there are lots of other choices when it comes to odor-eliminating laundry boosters, like Borax or Zero Odor®.

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