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Zero Odor®: The Only Odor Removing Spray You'll Ever Need

January 21, 2019

Zero Odor®: The Only Odor Removing Spray You'll Ever Need

Why my opinion on odor removers like Zero Odor® counts

***Disclaimer - I am not affiliated with Zero Odor® spray in anyway. I hate when people review stuff without experience or with an ulterior motive. This is an honest review of a product I honestly tried. I was so impressed I thought you should know about it.***

If you've read any of my other hubs you already know that I own pets. Lots of pets. Some might say too many pets. I'd disagree with them most days because my wife and I love our animals dearly but, every now and again, I become aware of just how many animals my wife and I take care of. Those rare occasions of second-guessing and doubt are usually the product of a doggie accident and those accidents aren't as uncommon as they'd ideally be given that our household rescues old dogs.

Among my many quirks, I have a big problem with smells. The problem stems from an exceedingly sensitive gag reflex. I can be neck deep in the most disgusting things on the planet and be perfectly fine as long as I can't smell them. Let me get one whiff, though, and I'm certain to throw up if I can't get away from the odor. My wife likes to tell me it's all in my head but that's actually a whole other problem.

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